Album Review: A Love Supreme

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A Love Supreme was a one shot recording, recorded on December 9, 1964 by Coltrane’s cutting-edge Hard Bop, Free Jazz Quintet. Recorded in a single session, and an alternate version of “Acknowledgement” the next day, the album has only been known to be performed once on, July 26, 1965 at the Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, France.

            I really enjoyed this album not only because it’s a beautiful piece on work, but because of the personal struggles Coltrane was experiencing at the time, and the amount of dedication he put forth. To record an album in one session, and have it become one of the greatest albums of all time is a feat not many have the privilege of doing. Coltrane was experiencing an ongoing battle with drug addiction he eventually lost, but during he managed to produce some of the most influential music, who inspired many big names in the music scene today.


  • John Coltranetenor saxophone, bandleader
  • McCoy Tynerpiano
  • Jimmy Garrisonbass
  • Elvin Jonesdrums
  • Archie Shepptenor saxophone (tracks 12 & 13 only)
  • Art Davisbass (tracks 12 & 13 only)
  • Bob Thieleproduction
  • Michael Cuscuna – reissue production
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    Album Review: Herbie Mann

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    Herbie Mann, born Herbert Jay Solomon is a world renowned flutist actively participating in the music scene for close to 60 years, accomplishing over 30 albums. The Best of Herbie Mann released October 25, 1990 through Rhino, ironically contains six of his best tracks including a breath taking live version of “Comin’ Home Baby.” Herbie got his start playing flute in the Brooklyn, New York jazz scene, quickly switching over to a more world approach taking in elements from the Bossa Nova, African Music, and dabbling a little in Disco.

    The first track on this album is a studio version of “Comin’ Home Baby” which starts off pretty mellow with a smooth Baseline and Drums to compliment. Herbie eases his way in taking the stand right away, but without making it completely known he’s entered the track. The song keeps up a pretty nice “groove” for about three or so minutes until the Vibraphone comes in, not necessarily taking the floor but letting Herbie know it’s time to take a break. According to Wikipeidia, Herbie describes the “groove” as,” finding the waves that are comfortable to float on top of.”

    Followed by “Memphis Underground” the music takes a turn towards Jazz Fusion, allowing instruments like the Electric Guitar, and again the Vibraphone take solos. By doing so Herbie says these instruments are “gracefully adding to the groove.” Herbie mentions this Album [Memphis Underground] being the height of his groove. (Wiki) The album picks up and doesn’t let you down until the last note is played. This album has personally inspired me to collect more of Herbie Mann’s music, and hopefully it will encourage you too.

    End of Quarter

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    I find it interesting how much change has come of songs and lyrics and what society judges as lyrically acceptable, controversial or sexually too explicit.  How music has evolved over the decades leaves me curious to what future generations will be listening too.  Music appreciation class really helped to open my horizon on the other genres outside my comfort zone.  Many times while jotting down notes, I have noted specific artists and singers introduced by Gavin or other students in class that spark intrigue, keeping a mental note to check out there music or other albums that they may have produced.  This class introduced us to many different genres that we might listen to but never thought to explore a little deeper, such as history or historical music icons that may have helped to offset many generations of popular music and some of the greatest musicians.  I really enjoyed this class because it really helped me to analyze and look a little deeper into the music I enjoy daily. I know I will continue to enjoy music and also listen to other genres with an open mind.  


    Here’s some new music my friend introduced me to…



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    This class helped me open my eyes to different types of music, whether I liked it or not.  It taught me to appreciate what genres came from where and to appreciate how they evolved.  The band/person I would like to touch point on is someone that was not very well known in the US but was in the UK.  I am actually doing my final project on them.  I discovered them when I studied abroad in London and my fashion journalism teacher had us watch a video called, T. Rex on TV, I really never thought anything about the video until this class.  The band was called T. Rex created by Marc Bolan and after learning the roots of all the genres, the class made me want to learn more about this particular band.  Now I want to go buy all there records!!!  Here are some videos that I will not be able to share with you on my presentation…..


    Bad Music

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     I would consider bad music anyone who puts out music just because they can with no heart in it and people who sing terribly just trying to add more fame to themselves.  I know someone has already been posted about Paris Hitlon, but I would definately consider her songs bad music and also Heidi Montag from The Hills.  Neither of them can sing and they are trying to add more fame to what they already have.  Paris Hilton is already famous for nothing so she was adding to her already famous name and Heidi Montag will do anything to get publicity even though she is terrible.  The Paris Hilton song is “Stars are Blind” and Heidi Montag’s is “Higher”. After watching both vidoes for their songs, they are both exactly the same!


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    I think I got a better perspective of music out of this class. I enjoyed listening to every type of music. I liked the rock n roll part, and the classical part. I didn’t know there was so much history behind all the music and how it all started. So I liked learning about that. I got to understand the meaning of music, and that in most of the songs there are story lines that go with it. I liked that week we had to find a song with a story line, because I really like listening to lyrics of a song.

    Music Video

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    This is a video of No Doubt the  song named Ex-  Girlfriend is obviously that she is talking about a relationship that has ended.  since in the beginning she new the situation of the relationship and the point of the video in my opinion is getting revenge. not accepting been another girl in the list therefore she has to get her way. The Video doesn’t look like a big budget video they have kept it simple but at the same time the lyric help allot on getting the point across. The important thing of the video is getting revenge tracking the person who she feel has betrayed her. Well the reason that i like this video is that is simple its different tours other video were they are talking about a relationship gone bad. Yet in those videos they show them self to blame or a person who is suffering a lot but, in this video she wants to get revenge and have no mercy on the person who has betray her.