Korean Popular Music

I just wanted to practice posting and also to introduce our class to a popular singer in Korea named 비, which is pronounced Bi in English and translated ‘Rain’. The reason I came to like this artist honestly was not because of his music initially. In Korea, Korean Dramas are very popular which are equivalent to American’s tv drama series such as, Friends or Lost. Bi was cast in a Korean drama called Full House I believe in 2006.  After watching Full House, the Korean drama I became more interested in Bi as an actor and artist.  I mentioned in class that Bi has been named number 1 most influential person in the World by Time magazine. If you want more information on Bi, there is a pretty decent summation or bio of Bi on Wikipedia.  Recently, this artist has been cast in the upcoming Warner Bros movie, Speed racer which you may already be familiar with. More information on this movie can be found on IMDB.  

Here’s a video from one of his most recent album’s. Enjoy!




~ by harakim on April 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Korean Popular Music”

  1. I can see BI, playing Speed Racer pretty well, and enjoyed the video you shared with us in class. I’d have to admit it did feel a little overdone, but in a weird Pop way. I live pretty north, near Rogers Park on the North side and the only channel that is viewable (when I do actually watch television) happens to be the Korean Channel (it’s literally called that.) I’m not an avid viewer so I can’t say if I’ve seen Bi before or not, but I do enjoy the Safety Show quite a bit. Funny enough there’s usually really cool techno playing in the back ground.

  2. I liked this video as well. The music had a catchy beat and the choreography was great.

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