Music from NE USA…..

Hi everyone. :o)

Since I played part of “Foam” by Phish today in class, I’d like to introduce to you another band that I also mentioned called moe.! (Yes, it is officially spelled M-O-E-dot. which sometimes confuses people when they see it in print.) Briefly, they are from NY state, have been playing together since the early 90s, and feature five members: two lead guitarists, a bassist, drummer, and percussionist.

moe. is categorized as a “jamband”: The performances of these bands often feature extended musical improvisation over rhythmic grooves and chord patterns and long sets of music that cross genre boundaries, according to I fell in love with them at the Aragon Ballroom some time ago and since then I have traveled the country seeing them (over 80x now, eek), met great friends, and danced my ass off. :o) They have an annual festival (Summercamp) in Chilicothe, IL, Memorial Day weekend and this year they have such great artists as The Flaming Lips, Umphrey’s McGee, Clutch, The Roots, “Blind Melon”, Sound Tribe Sector 9, and TONS more. Check it out!!

I am including this video of them at the Vegoose Festival in Vegas. It is 30+ minutes long (note that it is only 3 songs :oD), so play it in the background when doing homework, cleaning, whatever you do. :o) The music doesn’t actually start until about 6 minutes. For those that are curious, the songs are Rebubula > George, Timmy Tucker. (Wow, I didn’t realize their lips were so off from the music….annoying!)

If you’d rather not watch or listen to 30+ minutes, here’s a video a fan made when moe. had a contest for their album that came out last year. The song is called Tailspin and as you can tell by the photos and clips in the video that it is based on GWB’s presidency, WAR, and the state our country currently is in.

Enjoy what may be your first (well, technically second) jamband experience! :o)



~ by rachellubanowski on April 9, 2008.

One Response to “Music from NE USA…..”

  1. The featured video was very entertaining, and the music fit so appropriately. Jambands were very interesting for their time, and continue to put there mark on the music industry. At times the video was a little ridiculous, namely the cat, but I guess I can understand his attempted message, also I enjoyed the helicopter transitions. For a while I felt as if I were watching an obscure eighties action movie, patiently awaiting Sylvester Stallone to jump out from the bushes and yell something incoherent, really loud while he shoots “The Enemy.”

    There were about thirty explosions in a row, which was pretty awesome, I was very entertained. Clearly the artist has a very solid message, to explode the president of The United States of America. I’d say the most interesting piece of this video was the outright hippie propaganda within the last 10 or so. As I mentioned in class I think you’d really enjoy Gentle Giant quite a bit. I’m not too familiar with their history, but the music is simply amazing.

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