Music I like…

Hey All!

I love music it is such a big part of life in general.  A good song can touch people in so many different ways.  When your angry, sad, feeling alone, in love there is always a song that helps you get through the pain or there are songs that even help you remember moments in life that are important to you.  Growing up I listened to my parents stations, easy listening and then from there moved on from peers and tv.  When I was little I used to play the piano and still love to sing.  Not sure if I’m any good, but I try.  My best comfy moments are sitting at home listing to some cds and reading a good book.  Sometimes I’ll even dance around singing all by myself to a good song.  I love songs you can really sing too, Pink is one of my favorite artists.  I love her voice.  From her new album I like her song, “Dear Mr. President”.  She talks about events that are going around us, and how does the President really feels about it.  The meaning in this song makes me thinks the same way.  When you look around at our society and poverty, men and women dying over seas.  Sometimes I do think about the Presidents real feeling.  Can he sleep at night? I don’t know, I know sometimes when I watch the news and hear about another death or the war, at times my heart does feel like its breaking.

I also do like listening to music with a beat and can dance to it.  I’m not a real big fan of the new rap being released now.  Just seems a little repetitive.  I mean I definitely like this new band I have heard, ParamoreLike their sound and rock beat.  Don’t really know that much about them to be honest.  I did happen to find their official website, so click and have fun! I also like reggae music, courtesy of my ex.  He hailed from Jamaica, so I got to listen and like some of their artists, like Garnet Silk, Lady Saw, Morgan Heritage, and lots more.  I also like Fall Out Boy, Lincoln Park, and Incubus. I love listening to new stuff, and listening to what other people like.  So I know this is going to be a fun class! See you all on Monday!

Peace and Love,



~ by jmontanano on April 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Music I like…”

  1. I can relate with you very much. Music has become a part of my soul. I try to incorporate music in my everyday activities as much as I can. I was actually discussing music with a friend a while back, and we’ve agreed to try experiencing music in different settings. For example take one of favorite albums and listen to it while walking down State St. during rush hour. You’ll either find a brand new appreciation for it, or regrettably, absolutely hate that album.

    As for you comment on Dub music, I feel this is a genre that is greatly underappreciated in America. Granted Bob Marley revolutionized popular Reggae and ultimately helped Dub a lot, I feel people forget about the little guys. Peter Tosh has some pretty aggressive Reggae, as well as Big Youth. However, a lot of the Dub and Reggae being produced today can be a bit interesting. I personally enjoy a man by the name of Matisyahu. He uses his Jewish background to fuel his lyrics, very interesting music here.

  2. In response to your video, I love performances like this one where there is just a acoustic guitar and vocals. It really allows the listener to focus on the lyrics. Pink has really evolved since her first album release, where her sound was more pop. This performance was more soulful and I actually like this transition better than her previous debut sound. I also admire any artist who can give a really stellar live performance and showcase a sound that is consistent to what to hear on their album compared to their live sound.

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