Kate Voegele

Kate is a 21 year old writer/singer. She plays Mia on the show One Tree Hill. Her first full-length album is called Don’t Look Away. I didn’t know about her until I saw her on the show. People might not know her if they don’t watch the show. She is touring around the world. I like her music because it has that rock affect to it and I love her lyrics. I like listening carefully to her lyrics because with some of them I can relate them to my own life. I also think her voice is amazing. She is on of my favorite artists. Her is a link to her website. http://www.katevoegele.com





~ by justine3 on April 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kate Voegele”

  1. I’ve watched One Tree Hill a couple of times but I don’t recognize her. She has an interesting voice, the song I was listening to from the link almost sounded like a mix of R&B and country.

  2. I have to admit that One Tree Hill is one of my guilty pleasures. I would not listen to this kind of “pop-y” music everyday, but Kate’s voice is great! It is kind of like the “Amy Winehouse voice” — soulful and strong. Somewhat off topic, I do enjoy how OTH introduces different music to every episode. Another band that I found before they were featured on a show is The National and their album is called “Boxer.”

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