The Perfect Beat


TRUTHWYZE360-When it comes to music and movement, we can all trace it back to the foundation where we first heard our very first beat: “The Womb.” Here we were exposed to the sounds of water, heartbeats, breaths, voices and many other sounds that shaped and prepared us for the melodies of society. Traveling at the terrific speed of 1,120 feet per second, sound hits the listener and either connects or disconnects the listener to the tune, all while striking a chord in the individual giving a good or bad vibration. The listener either responds by movement or simply discards the vibration as noise. Certain sounds, notes and chords have been known for years to activate the chakras and have also been used in healing the body and calming of the mind. For instance the “Root Chakra,” located at the base of the spine, is activated by the musical note “D”. The second chakra, the “Sacral Center” is activated by the sound “Ba” and the musical note “E”. The instruments that produce this sound include the Warm Pads. The third chakra or Solar Plexus is activated by the sound of “Ra” and is achieved by instruments the Oboe and the Harp and it responds to the musical note “F#”(F Sharp). The “Throat Chakra” responds to the sound “Ha”, the musical note “A” and the instruments that produce this sound are the Ocarino and the Vibraphone. Musically we are connected to high and low vibrations and all music effects the body and mind differently depending on what we listen to. The next time your listening to your favorite tune try and imagine what the music is doing to you and what thoughts and emotions it is evoking,  you will soon understand the complexity of your innermost feelings and actions, Ills and good feelings.

















~ by truthwyze360 on April 14, 2008.

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