Week 2: The Music Industry

For your next post, I’d like you to do a little research on the labels that some of your music comes from. You might be surprised at who owns what in this country! Pick an artist’s album, check out the label, including ditribution deals. Then trace the ownership up the chain — is the label owned by a larger label? Is that label owned by a larger corporation? What other media companies are under this corporation: radio stations, movie studios, magazines, TV networks? Do you know of any instances where an artist’s songs have appeared in other media owned by the same corporation?

If you happen to pick an independent label with an independent distibutor, see if you can find out a little about the history of the label — who founded it, when, and what that label’s approach is (do they focus on particular types of music, for instance). You can often find this information on the label’s website.

You can find a lot of information on who owns what at the Columbia Journalism Review. Wikipedia will have some info, but try and check the label’s website first. They will often have a brief history of the label. For instance, Matador Records (an independent) has a nice FAQ that has information about their formation and some history.

I would like you to incorporate links in your post as a kind of method of citing your sources. Other media is up to you. Additionally, I want you to incorporate the “Category” feature of WordPress for this and your future posts. After you write your post, scroll down to “Categories.” Click the “All Categories” link and check the box for “Music Industry.” I’ve already gone back and put your introductory posts in the “Introductions” category. Each week we’ll have a new category so keep up on them! And remember to tag your post with relevant search terms!


~ by Gavin on April 14, 2008.

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