Hey All!

So I decided to do this weeks post on my boyfriend’s fav band ever! KISS!  I like them too but he grew up with them and collects all their stuff! All their albums are under Mercury Records, which has a parent company of Universal Music Group.  With the help of Wikipedia, the label was founded in 1945, by Irving Green, Berle Adams, and Arthur Talmadge.  They opened two pressing plants, to compete with Columbia, Decca, and RCA Victor, one plant in our lovely Chi-Town and one in St. Louis.  It is also apart of The Island Def Jam Music Group.  They deal with all types of music, country, rock, jazz and blues. Now if we tackle Universal Music Group…WOW!  They are one of the largest companies in the market.  They own Viviendi, Universal Studios, and also has some money in NBC and GE.  The also have their fingers in a lot of labels.  I don’t think I have enough space to list them all! You all can check it out on Wikipedia, search Universal Music Group, have fun scrolling! I did!

Alright I am using my computer to enter Mercury Records US, my computer isn’t as fast as it should be, working off of dial up…I know…sometimes I just want to shoot myself. So, I’m just link it!

For all the people in the audience for you listening and watchin pleasure! KISS-Psycho Circus!

Peace And Love!



~ by jmontanano on April 15, 2008.

One Response to “KISS”

  1. Hey Jackie, good post. Just a slight correction: the ownership goes the other way. Vivendi, a big French conglomerate, owns Universal Music Group as well as part of NBC (and many many other assets!).

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