I heart music

Music in my ♥.  Music is everything to me.  It EvoKes So MAny MemOries, FeeLings And IdeAs.  I Use MUsic To Rev My creatiVe JuICes, tO keeP mY hOuSe cLEan and JusT to MEllow OuT.  SonGs REmiND me OF PaSt and PrEsent RelAtiOnShips.  When i’m In THe Car, LisTening to thOSe first 8 MelOdic nOtes, and Saying” Hey That’s MY JAm”

I’m so glad that I decided to not drop this class.  When I think of MuSiC and The typeS of MuSic I like; i think I’m BlindIed to what I’ve Been aCcUstomed to growIng Up, BuT What I’m Excited For is THAt in This Class EvrYone AlreaDy has A GenRe thEy’re Into so In a sEnSe we r all LikE spongeS that Get to Soak Up eacH other’s MuSic tHus BeCOminG mOre ElecTIc @ the CloSe oF this QuarTer.  I’m ReallY eXcitEd to SEe whT I wIll B DownLoadIng on LiMewIRe neXt..lol


~ by phliwithoutconsciousness on April 16, 2008.

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