Researching Labels

I choose Linkin Park:Meteora album to research. I looked at the album cover and it provided me with two links, Linkin Park and Warner Bros Records. Warner Bros records Inc. was founded on March 19, 1958. They are associated commonly for the Bugs Bunny cartoons. “Warner Bros. Records Inc. is an American record label that operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Warner music group. It is internationally known as WEA International Inc.” (Wikipedia) Warner Bros records is most commonly known to be affiliated with Warner Bros pictures.  Since the time of their founding, Warner Bros. has been through a lot of transitional company ownership changes.  In 1967, the were sold to Seven Arts Production then to Kinney National Company. Warner Bros Records also underwent several merges and in the process having the Warner Bros label being renamed to accompany the merge.  Currently, Warner Bros. are affiliated with multiple labels such as Blacksmith Records, Jack Records, and Sire Records, just to name a few. (The comprehensive list of labels can be viewed on the Wikipedia Link above)  Also, in my research I was surprised to see how many artists were actually under the Warner Bros or affiliated label. 

Warner Bros Logo

Here is Linkin Park’s Video for Faint from their Meteora Album.


~ by harakim on April 16, 2008.

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