Band: Disturbed

Band: Disturbed

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The Sickness


Ten Thousand Fists


Giant Records

Profile: One of the myriad of major-label-backed independents that emerged in the early 1990s, Giant Records was founded in 1990 by manager Irving Azoff and was Warner Bros.’s replacement for Geffen Records, which had been bought by MCA earlier that year. With the exception of the very first Giant release, it used the catalog numbers that were reserved for Geffen releases had it stayed at Warner Bros. Azoff wanted to name the label Big Records, but that name was taken by an independent company.

Giant was never in-line with long-term artist development like its distributing label was at the time. Many artists left the label after only one full-length release, or their follow-up albums were never released after being recorded because of label politics. During its early days, Giant had stretched itself too widely, so it consolidated in the mid-1990s, focusing primarily on singer-songwriter rock and alternative country. Azoff also grew tired of Warner Bros.’s shifting management at Warner Bros. after the great scuffle at the WEA labels of the mid-1990s, during which WB co-chairmen Lenny Waronker and Mo Ostin were forced out, so European distribution was moved to BMG.

Giant had a sub-label named Revolution Records that was active during the time of Giant’s consolidation, but it was eventually absorbed by its parent. In 2000, shortly after the announcement of the merger between AOL and Time Warner, Warner Bros. bought its half of the label and it was shut down. The last-ever Giant release used the name that Azoff wanted to call his label in the first place.
Sub labels:
Medicine Label, Paladin Records (2)

Parent Label: Warner Bros. Records

Reprise Records

Profile: Reprise Records was formed in the late 1950s by the one and only Frank Sinatra in order to allow more ‘artistic freedom’ for his own recordings. Fellow ‘rat pack’ members Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. also moved to the label. Reprise was sold to Warner Brothers in the early 1960s, and has been the distributor for Reprise since.

Sub labels: Bizarre Records, E’G Records, Grand Jury Entertainment

Parent Label: Warner Bros. Records

Warner Bros. Records

Profile: Founded close to a half century ago by the legendary Jack Warner, Warner Bros. Records and its family of subsidiary labels, which includes Reprise Records, Sire Records, Maverick Records, Warner Nashville, Warner Jazz, Warner Western, and Word Label Group encompasses a full spectrum of musical genres.
Sub labels :Bearsville, Curtom, Discreet, Extasy Records, F-111 Records, Giant Records, JKss Records, Loma, Machine Shop Recordings, Malpaso Records, Maverick, Opal Records, Paisley Park, Premeditated Records, Qwest Records, Record Collection, Reprise Records, RFC Records, Ruffnation Records, Warner Alliance, Warner Bros. Records Nashville, Warner Music Video, Warner Reprise Video, Warner Special Products, Whitfield Records

Parent Label: Warner Music Group

Main parent of all: Warner Bros


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