Week 3: Covers and Versions

Japanese Elvis Impersonator

Last week I showed different versions of the same song: for example, Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”…

…and Nirvana’s cover during their MTV Unplugged performance.

Your assignment is to make a post doing something similar: compare and contrast two versions of the same song. I want you to practice describing the sound of a song — what sonic similarities and differences can you note? How do those differences change the meaning of the song? Finally, which version strikes you as more authentic? It’s ok if you are still unsure about what qualifies as authentic; authenticity has many different definitions, so your job is to explain your own take on authenticity through the examples you use. This post should contain lots of original writing by you — this is about your thoughts and opinions!

I strongly recommend incorporating examples of the music in your post. Youtube and Google Video are your best bets. You might also find a streaming version on a website that you can link to. Many streaming songs can be found on imeem.com as well.

Don’t forget to tag and categorize your posts! You can always find my assignments under the “Class Content” category.


~ by Gavin on April 21, 2008.

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