It is often confused that Nine Inch Nails covered the song Hurt also sang by Johnny Cash but in all actuality Johnny Cash was the one covering the song. In the version sang by Nine Inch Nails there is an electric guitar and drums being played while in the version sang by Johnny Cash it is an acoustic guitar as well as a piano. The two different sounds make it seem like the artists are trying to get across different points just by the tone of each of them as well as the instrumental parts. It seems as though both artists are putting their emotion into thier music making them both authentic in my eyes. I like to think that anything you put your heart into and feel very strong about could be authentic, although Johnny Cash did not write the song on his own he still gives off the impression that he had real life experiences that could relate to what he was singing about as well as NIN did in the original version.


~ by burrough on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “Hurt”

  1. Cash’s vesion is good but his video is a masterpiece. It is haunting. I saw an interview with his duaghter after his death and she said she can not watch it it is so painful and reflective of his life.

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