It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World

Music is a very important aspect in many people’s lives and when you find that one song that seems to take all the troubles of life, the universe, and everything away… you tend to feel undoubtedly wronged when a person attempting to recreate that mood fails miserably. Now, I have absolutely no problem what so ever when a person covers one of my all time favorite songs, in fact this just means I get to enjoy the song all over again. I guess you can say hearing it for the first time all over again, such a wonderful feeling. I do however feel an impending doom on an artist’s head well up inside of me when they completely slaughter something so beautiful, something that I love so much. However I can not be bias on this, the artist felt this is what the song should sound like, so be it.

Announcing the artist’s song in which an artist chooses to cover before the covering artist plays it live can often times help not only the artist in whom the song is being covered, but the artist covering the song’s publicity also. Have I lost anyone yet? I feel as if I’m treading dangerous grounds here with my decision, but hopefully together as a group we’ll have a wonderful growing experience.

I choose to discuss James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.” To me this is a song explaining the trials and tribulations of man, not just man rather mankind. The struggles and the wealth, the good times and the bad, and the greatest importance in a man’s life. I know by saying these things I’m being a bias sexist conservative, but I speak above orientation, beyond preference here. I’m speaking of the Platonic companionship, that of a brother and a sister, a mother and a son, a father and a daughter. I’m sure James Brown meant the song to be the opposite of what I’m writing here, but I guess I can see it under a different light.

My comparison is between James Brown, and The Residents. The Residents are a completely anonymous band dedicated to completely scaring the life out of their listeners, and often times making them really think about what they’re playing. I feel the message that is being attempted here can be that of which I speak. I also feel this is a tribute to the unfortunately late but always great God Father of Soul. Please view this video with an open mind. The vocal quality is very beautiful.



~ by Joseph Stelmaszek on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”

  1. I see James Brown’s “This is a mans world” as saying that this country is chauvinistic when it comes to authority, power, leadership, etc. but he also drops the line that it wouldn’t be nothin, nothin, without a woman’s touch. No matter how macho we let ourselves become there’s that other aspect and quality that must be acknowledged in order for the world we live in to progress.

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