Talk Talk Vs. No Doubt

In this weeks post, I am comparing Talk Talk’s original version of It’s my life versus No Doubt’s cover.  If you listen to both versions without a careful listen, it’s hard to distinguish the differences between the style or instrumentation of the two songs.  I had to listen to both songs without the distraction of the video in order to really differentiate the disparities between original and cover. I’ve noticed in my observation that Talk Talk’s version instrumentally has a more prominent sound of electrically synthesized keyboard and drums through the entire song, whereas No Doubt’s version similarly includes keyboard and drums without sounding as electronic. Talk Talk’s keyboard sound is very characteristic of what you would perceive to be the typical 80’s sound.  Gwen Stefani definitely brings the song into the 21st century with her style and interpretation through the video but I believe she keeps the authenticity of the song by not drastically changing the sound or instrumentation of the song. Wikipedia provides a few definitions of authenticity. Wikipedia states,”Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions and describes the perception of art as faithful to the artist’s self.” & “Authenticity(reenactment), in historical reenactment, a measure of how close an item, prop, action, weapon, or custom is, to what would actually have been used or done in the time period being depictedocal styles of the two artists.”  (Wikipedia) According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, I believe that No Doubt’s rendition of Talk Talk’s original versions is a truthful reenactment of It’s My life with the intention of closely reenacting the song without skewing the sound that it is unrecognizable when compared to the original.  I know people can adamantly advocate originals and there more times than not where I agree but as much as I like Talk Talk’s original, I really think that No doubts versions was a commendable cover. 

Talk Talk – It’s My Life

No Doubt – It’s My Life

No Doubt


Talk Talk


~ by harakim on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “Talk Talk Vs. No Doubt”

  1. The video to Talk Talk’s version is a bit more sad because of it’s reference to animal rights and conservation. The Video definitely gives a whole new meaning to the song.

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