Bee Gees vs. Destiny’s Child

I attempted to post the videos but it did not work! I chose to compare Emotions which was originally created by Bee Gee’s and was later remade by Destiny’s child. As far as the sound…Bee Gee’s version had more of an acoustic sound to it while Destiny’s Child modernized the music and gave it more of a contemporary edge! I love Desiny’s Child version because of the way it was sung! To be honest with you the song sounds like women should be singing it and I think that this is why I don’t care for the Bee Gee’s version much. Furthermore the Bee Gee’s did not put any emotion into a song titled emotions! This is what threw me for a loophole! As far as authenticity I feel that they are both authentic. Destiny’s Child is authentic because of the emotion that Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle put into the song. Bee Gee’s is authentic because it is the original version. When I heard the song initially I thought that Beyonce wrote it because that is how connected to the song that she sounded. Furthermore, it just sounds like something she would write! Overall I would give Destiny’s child a 5 star track rating and Bee Gee’s a 3 star track rating!  


~ by dmclendon on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “Bee Gees vs. Destiny’s Child”

  1. WOw!!!…ThAT’s interesting…i didn’t even know that EMotions Was a remake…Destiny’s Child made it feel and sound so real..That song brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear because of what they brought to the table vocally and visually with compliments to the video. That’s what makes the difference in a song being authentic or not. Yes the BeeGees birthed the song but Destiny’s Child nurtured it and brought it home……

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