2pac and Bruce

Doing a comparison contrast on the song “The Way It Is”, one by the late Tupac Shakur and the other by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, there are striking similarities between the two. While both song’s deal with the social Ills many people face in thier everyday lives, they both accomplish the task of bringing society’s main problems to the forefront. Verbally, both do a great job of detailing and giving the listener a vivid picture of whats going on, but the tonal attributes in each of thier voices give each song a different vibe and express the same song totally different. Tupac on one hand is very descriptive in his interpretation but ther seems to be an angry, authenic feeling as if he has experienced certain situations and is fed up to the limit, and you can tell this in the octaves his voice raises and lowers. Not on that but Tupac associates the song directly with that of the African American community, while Bruce, at times, seems to relate his to the same group.

There is a difference that kinda stood out to and that aws the music. While Bruce is an avid piano player, there was a little more attention to the piano solo and to me it kind of took away from the connection between the meaning of the song. Who am I to say…That’s just the way it is!


~ by truthwyze360 on April 28, 2008.

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