Week 4: Independent Radio

This week’s assignment: Listen to an hour of independent radio and an hour of corporate radio and compare! You may also listen to local programming on a corporately-owned radio station. Discuss not only the content (what you heard) but the style of the stations as well. Incorporate some poetic descriptive terms into your writing to try and capture the overall aesthetic of the station. Do the stations impact you differently? Do you prefer one over the other? What was the DJ/announcer like? Were there commercials or public announcements? How often? Take notes while you listen!

In your post, include what station you listened to, and when. Try to record song and artist information, as well as info about the particular show or block you tuned into. Link to the site of the station in your post: all the stations should have web sites!

Here are some places to start. Most independent radio stations have short range, so you can’t hear them everywhere — it will depend on your location. Many of these stations stream live over the internet though!

Chicago Public Radio: Lots of nationally syndicated talk, but check the listings for music shows.

88.1 WCRX: Columbia College Radio, heard in the Loop and slightly beyond.

88.5 WHPK: Hyde Park Community Radio, heard on the South Side.

88.9 WIIT: Illinois Institute of Technology Radio

89.3 WKKC: Kennedy King College

90.5 WRTE: Radio Arte – Bilingual Spanish-English Arts Programming. South/West/Loop area.

88.3 WXAV: St. Xavier University Radio.

88.3 WZRD: Not sure about this one…

88.3 WGDC: Downer’s Grove High School. If you live near the ‘burbs you might get this station.

88.7 WLUW: Loyola University. Northside/Evanston.

89.3 WNUR: Northwestern Radio. Northside.

This site has a longer list of stations for the Chicagoland area — I can’t vouch for all of them!


Some local shows that you could use for your comparison:

Power 92 (92.3 FM) has a daily mix show from 5-6 PM. At 7 PM DJ Nehpets has a Juke show – I think it might only be Tuesdays (his MySpace is unclear about this!).

WGCI (107.5 FM) has a juke mix show weekdays at 8PM.

Any others? Leave comments! I am pretty sure there are local hip hop shows on the urban stations, but I don’t know when they are.  Local shows use local DJs making their own playlists, NOT local DJs using playing the same stuff as every other station in the country. 

Oh, and one more link: CHIRP is a group trying to secure the rights for more independent radio in Chicago. Check them out!


~ by Gavin on April 28, 2008.

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