Compare and Contrast

One of my all time favorite songs that was remade in (I think) 2005 was Very Special by Ronnie and Debra Laws, 1981.  I love this song so much. It is definitely a, must play at the wedding, song. It is such a sweet song with the sweetest lyrics EVER!!!! It was remade by LL Cool J featuring Jennifer Lopez a few years ago and they renamed it All I Have.  I like both versions of the song very much. They both speak of love in their lyrics, but one of the differences is that in Laws version she speaks of how she is in love with no doubt and the entire song and like a dream, but in LL and Lopez’s version although they too are talking about love, it is stated more so in a debate and argumitive manner. The beat and melody of the two songs seem to remain the same. I really do believe that the original version is totally more authentic than the new version. It really grabs my attention and I feel as thouhg I am actually caught in the song, even though in reality I have had experiences that tended to evolve more so around the remade version of the song.



~ by theresataylor on May 1, 2008.

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