I have heard of both types of radio stations here and in Mexico.  At my brother’s school they had a local radio station and they had topics that would interest them.  Minor commercials and more of convincing to work hard at school.  They included jobs, internships, and clubs that they were able to join.  This is the second largest University in Mexico and only the campus was able to listen to it.  At different hourss they had differnt topics school, life, and sex was the favorite one to talk about.  But of course here in Chicago I have heard of an independent radio staion and I reallt can’t remember the name.  You able to listen to it near my friends house but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen her and they also had interesting topics.  One of my favorites was about art.  They would tell you where the new exhibits would be and what new artist are in Chicago.  They really wouldn’t have so much commercial because not many people were able to listen to it.  Now these corporate radio channels they have more people listening to them and also worldwide, thanx to the internet and satellite radio.  They promote so much but of course it depends in what city you live in.  Also, what is the type of music that you are listening to.  I only listen to KISS FM or LA KALLE.  And the commercials are differnt and obviously the music is too.


~ by fresita88 on May 1, 2008.


  1. Roxana, it sounds like the Chicago station might be WRTE 90.5. Was it in Spanish? They broadcast from Pilsen — I walk by the studio every day. Can you describe the music and commercials on La Kalle? Not everyone has listened to it, or speaks Spanish!

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