Independent V.S. Corporate Radio

I tuned in to 88.7WLUW on Saturday, May 3 around 6:45 P.M. The three set of songs and artists I recall: Hot Rod, from Prodigy, Army of Me by Bjork, Paper Planes by M.I.A, and Super Sonic by Basement Jaxx. The D.J. played the set straight through without any interruption. Another thing that I have noticed is that they don’t play the same song every 15 minutes throughout the day like most corporate radio stations. The D.J. also seems to have more freedom to choose what they play without being contracted to play selected songs. The blend of music through sets reminds me of someone’s personal playlist. On independent radio there seems to be a focus on music more that personalities on the radio or marketing of products or services. During the time I was tuned into 88.7 the only time the DJ spoke was after the set of four songs and the only thing that he said was the name of the artist and the songs that he played. The selection of songs seemed to be random with no theme in mind. I sometimes listen to independent radio because you get to hear more independent artists and I enjoyed discovering new artist. You get an overall calm and peace and not all this loud mesh of commercials. You get a raw and natural feel of the music and the DJ. When listening to independent radio its less about the money because corporate radio is primarily based on marketing music for record sales for popularity. This is something I did not think about until I took marketing classes and learned about the tricks of the trade. The pervious day Friday May 2, around 10:00 A.M. they people at worked tuned into 103.5 Kiss FM like they always do every morning to hear radio personality, Drex in the morning. At 10:00 they were playing an Hour of Madonna to promote her new album Hard Candy. The songs that were played were a lot of her 80’s songs such as Like a Virgin and every so often they would throw in one song on from her new album, 4 minutes. That song was played al least three times in one hour and by the end of the day that song was stuck in my head (I guess their job was done here). The whole reason for this promotion was to get people to remember Madonna and know that she is releasing her new album so you can go out and buy it or download it. Commercials on this corporate station mostly consist of selling augmentation of some sort or promotion of a concert event or nightclub. On corporate radio station everything is premeditated and set up in a certain way to target a certain audience, play certain songs so that certain people can like them.


~ by christypr on May 5, 2008.

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