Over the weekend we were asked to compare radio stations, independent against mainstream. Living in the area of 71st and Normal I am able to tune into the college station at Kennedy King College (WKKC 89.3FM). That station, compared to mainstream WGCI (107.5 FM), plays pretty much the same music but where they differ is in the commercials, advertisements, and public announcements. On WKKC there are commercials and many were often based at businesses in the surrounding area and there are more public announcements aimed at promoting school events. The Dj that I listened on Saturday was none other than a high school friend named Brian “Furious” Frazier. Brian grew up in Englewood with us and has been a icon of the radio station since the early 90’s. The style of music played compared to mainstream WGCI is not as repetitive, and you will also hear some songs you haven’t heard in a while, which is one of the defining characteristics of Brian bringing ol’ school music back to the listeners. Publics announcements were evenly frequent with the commercials WGCI ran and at time WGCI plays more commercials than music. Being a mainstream radio station they have a certain amount of commercials they have to air, whereas WKKC’s commercials were few with the majority addressing nieghborhood businesses like Moo and Oink, Johns Hardware and Save-A-Lot to name a few. While at times I prefered the songs on WGCI and the clarity of the station, I found it at times difficult get a steady signal and at one point there was a long pause of silence. I enjoyed tuning into my Alma Mater station but the quality of Mainstream radio won out this comparison by a margin.



~ by truthwyze360 on May 5, 2008.

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