The two stations I listened to were WLUW, Loyola University’s Independent Music session and WKQX, “Q101,” Chicago’s Alternative Station.

I first listened to WLUW for over an hour because I liked it so much. :o) I tuned them in around 3:30 pm and kept it on until after 5 on Tuesday (May 6) — it was supposed to be “Independent Music with Dave Leoschke,” but a girl was DJing. She was mellow and sort of monotone. About every ten minutes she would give an update on the songs that were played and the radio station’s website info along with a small advertisement from a sponsor (some sponsors were a local cafe, Laurie’s Planet of Sound, and Sacred Art (gallery?). I really like being exposed to darker, more raw sounding music, which is why I really enjoyed this station. The rhythm of the songs were relatively simple but effective, lyrics were quirky, and most had a punk-ish element to them, whether it was the vocals, ripping guitar, or simplistic repetitive beats. I did not know any of the songs that were played, but I knew a few of the artists (Portisehead, Breeders, Lemonheads, The Kills). Some other bands that were played were Clinic, Sleeperhold (“No Age”), New Bloods, Lee Hazelwood (which I thought sounded like Johnny Cash), Meacons (reminded me of The Clash), Go Sailor, Go Kid Go, Inards, Spiritualized, Silver Jews, Otter Petter (local band), Mary Lou Lord, US Maple, and Meditteranean. There were older things featured (Lee Hazelwood from 1972) and new music too. (I didn’t even realize that the Breeders were still together and the new Portisehead song was cool–sounded like a ukelele was the only instrument.) The overall feel of the station was a rockin’ independent style that I could see crazy/fun art students would listen to. :o)

I put on WKQX around 5:30 pm and listened to about an hour. It was annoying because they would have advertisements A LOT — sometimes in between single songs! The DJ was a man and was obnoxious. There were traffic updates, entertainment news, and “Trash on the 30s” where a listener would call in and talk trash about someone. The music was good because I liked most of the bands: PRIMUS (“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”), Bush, Smashing Pumpkins (from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness), Green Day, White Stripes, Filter, new Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, and new Red Hot Chili Peppers. That is not very much for one hour due to all of the ads and “DJing.” All of the songs were rockin’ and upbeat and I would (or do) listen to the artists at home. I cannot get past the commercials though…they were so annoying and constant, a real turn-off.

Although the Alternative station featured more of the bands I know, I would choose to listen to the independent station. I was introduced to so many new (to me) bands and unique sounds — loved it! They have many different programs including folk music, ska, music by women, GLBT only music, hits from the ’60s and ’70s, and on and on. Check them out!



~ by rachellubanowski on May 6, 2008.

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