WNUR and the Loop

The radio is a very touchy subject for many music enthusiasts. Some claim a radio company plays what they, as a listener, want to hear when they want to here it. Where others claim the radio plays what the station managers and the top dollar recording companies want you as a listener to hear. I favor the latter answer.

I feel like today’s popular music is driven by an unseen force of money hungry profiteers aiming to squeeze every last lucky red cent from our pockets. Music is conceived, recorded, and manufactured in the oval office of one of the Trump’s towers by a person who hasn’t the slightest taste in music what-so-ever. Music isn’t even recorded the same way. Point being, I rarely listen to the radio, and when I do, I choose WNUR 89.3 (Northwestern University.)

I choose to listen to WNUR’s Jazz block airing every week, Monday through Friday from 5:00 Am to 12:30 PM. being a student I have a better chance catching the show than I will when I graduate. The show always starts off on a smooth note never breaking into anything really chaotic. Beginning with some Walter Lang, a sultry track from his Ashiya album called “Farewell.” I feel when I listen to the radio I want to hear something both entertaining, and musically complex. One day, and what a great day it will be, a radio station will come and play the entire length of Miles Davis’ “Shhh/Peaceful” track from his breathe taking, “In a Silent Way” album. I would be astounded, and no longer snub the radio form that day forward!

Unfortunately I don’t see this happening for a very long time. I listened and thoroughly enjoyed the show, (which was a little more than an hour) and walked away feeling like I accomplished something. My corporate choice was The Loop 97.9, which was a bit of a change for me. I enjoy classic Rock, and felt I deserved a change of pace. The Loop felt like any other corporate radio station. The songs were recycled over a small, minute, almost unnoticeable amount of time. I swear I heard Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” about eight times in one hour. I tell no lies here, please try this yourself, and you too will feel the anguish I felt.

I can honestly say I did not enjoy this at all. The radio today is designed for traffic. People listen to the radio in their cars driving to and from work, or the grocery store etc. I guess it’s very rare for a person to sit and listen to a show anymore with a billion new sitcoms on the Television. The internet and all its perversities, and the one source of youth weight gain, Video Games. Now I can understand I sound a little bias, and quite frankly like a person who can not make up one’s mind, but simple put I like music and wish there were more stations out there, I guess dedicated to a dying genre.


~ by Joseph Stelmaszek on May 13, 2008.

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