B96FM vs 88.5FM


This is Julian the Night Ninja on the radio B96 on-air evenings 7PM-12AM.


I listen to radio all the time, especially B96 in the mornings I really like all the mainstream music out there and the variety of genres that they play. May 11, 2008 at 10pm, I listen to B96 on-air with Julian better known as the Night Ninja, it was pretty good as usual. For the most part they were playing music more than commercials. B96 played alternative rock, pop rock, southern rap, hip hop, pop, R&B, and R&B/rap. After every two to three songs Julian would say the title of the songs and artist names. Then some announcements such as; giving tickets for events, college, military, car insurance, condoms, and mortgage they are a minute and sometimes less than a minute long.

This is one of the songs that B96 played on May 11, 2008

Title: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Genre: R&B


I listen to WHPK 88.5FM on May 11, 2008 at 7PM with DJ Bob Abrahamian. This radio station is dedicated to playing music not commonly heard on the mainstream which is amazing and I love it!!!!!! Bob was playing chicago soul and group soul mainly from the 60’s through the early 70’s with few commercials. After two songs Bob Abrahamian would said the songs titles and the artist names.

Title: Nothin’ But Love by Five Heartbeats


Differences between B96FM and WHPK 88.5FM, are that B96 only play alternative rock, pop rock, southern rap, hip hop, pop, R&B, R&B/rap, and hits. On the other hand, WHPK 88.5FMWHPK a non-profit radio station of the University of Chicago, consist of soul, rock, jazz, international, hip hop, folk, blues, dance music, and live in-studio performances.


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One Response to “B96FM vs 88.5FM”

  1. Full disclosure: I used to DJ at ‘HPK. Never knew Bob Abrahamian though — my shows were on late at night!

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