John Lennon: Imagine

The song that I have choosen for this week is John Lennon, Imagine. This song is both socially and political. The issue that this song is talking about is peace. Making everyone equal and the world living as one. This song is relaying its message to ALL the people in the world, not just one particular group of people. It doesn’t matter if your a different race, if your young or old, if you have different religion backround etc. Its saying imagine “All the people” living life in peace, as one. I think this song impacts the entire world. It impacts people tyring to be equal and having peace on earth and no wars. I think this is a great song with a great message that people should really think about and just listen to the lyrics. It will definitely make people think about the world if there wasn’t any wars and if there was peace on earth.


~ by justine3 on May 18, 2008.

One Response to “John Lennon: Imagine”

  1. Agreed, Justine. Great music matched with great lyrics.

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