Week 7: Bad Music

For your next assignment, I want you to post an example of what you consider “bad music.” I know that good or bad is up to the opinion of the listener, so that is what I’m asking for — your opinion. Make sure you explain WHY a particular song strikes you as bad: what is it not doing that good music should do, and what is it doing that good music shouldn’t? Do certain genres set you off? Certain artists? Certain styles or lyrics? Be specific — simply saying something “sucks” doesn’t do much to explain your taste or convince others to share your opinion.

Check to see what others have posted, and make a comment if you disagree! Try to get people to see the good in something they don’t like. I want everyone to make a comment this week.


~ by Gavin on May 19, 2008.

One Response to “Week 7: Bad Music”

  1. A few examples of bad music would be The Pop It Off Boys”Crank that Batman” Heavy Metal Goth, and anything from Rick Ross and the South due to the fact it’s slow and does nothing lyrically or mentally to advance the culture

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