This music called Duranguense started here in Chicago by a group called Montez de Durango.  I used to love it and would always hear at the parties that I would go to.  The music was brand new and was very popular and yes I loved it.  Then other groups began to start and it just wasn’t the same.  It got to old and boring to dance to.  All they do is copy music and claim that it is theirs.  Its music that we have heard before and all they do is change the beat of the music.  Sometimes they ruin the music and it sounds terrible.  So now I am not a big fan.  They are still somewhat popular and people do hear this music but it is not so huge as it was before.  Many of them are horrible singers and they really ruin the song that once sounded so beautiful.  I just hate that they copy and think that, that is what a music artist is and yet they are making so much money out of it.  Of course there are the good singers and yes I have to admit that those songs sound really nice.  But everything has theirups and downs and with Duranguense its the copying of the music and ruining it.  I wish that it was a popular as it was before, maybe I would have a different opinion.


~ by fresita88 on May 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “DURANGUENSE”

  1. Roxana, can you tell us a bit more about how the Duranguense style sounds? Is it polka-influenced like Norteno?

  2. I went to high school with Danny! The guy in the front to the all the way to the right. I used to go to Noa Noa and see them all the time when they were still up-and-coming 🙂

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