I hate

I really hate the Gasolina song, it is very over rated. Plus i don’t like daddy Yankee. I guess because their is nothing unique about him most of all his songs have the same beat. I like some reggaeton songs not all some are just dumb. I don’t like his work or nothing. When i hear his songs in la Kalle i just change the station. I was a real big fan of reggeaton when it was underground, when it exploded into the music scene i stopped liking it less and less. When it comes to listening to reggaeton i have to listen to the lyrics first if i don’t like it i never listen to it again.



~ by moca1 on May 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “I hate”

  1. Is it Daddy Yankee or reggaeton in general that you are tired of? What kind of lyrics do you like? Can you give some examples?

  2. I know that reggaeton is being played more and more on the radio but it is still not really mainstream and there are only a few stations that would even consider playing it. These stations that are even playing it, to me, are the ones that replay the songs over and over each hour.

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