The Synthesizer

This assignment is a tough one. I like to keep an open mind to new or “different” music. I guess the one kind of music that I cant really get into (its not even a genre its more of an instrument) the famous Synthesizer; its fairly new and already played out (in my opinion.) Britney Spears, T-Payne, Lil Wayne, and a long list of others use this almost robotic voice alteration…

Lil’ Wayne’s latest song “lollipop” is done with a synthesizer; that kid is clever… But I find it to be pretty annoying because of the instrument.

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument. The difference between electronic instruments and acoustic instruments can be illustrated with a few examples: a flute creates its sound by setting a pipe of air into resonation; a violin makes a sound as the player “bows” a string into self-oscillation, which is then transferred and amplified by a specially crafted wooden “case”. Acoustic instruments are all mechanical – something must be moving or resonating for sounds to be created.


~ by Dais on May 24, 2008.

One Response to “The Synthesizer”

  1. I think you are specifically referring to the autotune, which originated as a way for a producer to “correct” singing in the studio, but now has evolved into an instrument in its own right. Cher’s “Believe” was an early creative use, and Daft Punk uses it a lot of good effect: check out “Harder Better Faster Stronger” (sampled by Kanye).

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