Blind COnSUmErIsm…

Finding a song that protests something menaigful in my opinion took a moment….i didn’t wanna do the normal songs like aretha’s Respect or Marvin Gaye’s Make me Wanna Holler….those were my obvious choices.  For this i had to dig and by Golly I think i got one for ya….it was released in 2002 by Donnie ? …titled “Big Black Buck”.  Huh? you say?/ I know right it sounds some old back of the woods slavery anti-racism song.  But know its actually talking about modern-day blind consumerism.  An issue that still affects our society today.  This song sends a strong message on this hot button topic: Lyrics like: ‘On your town/look around/it’s the first of the month/U.S. will get its usual jump/we’re creatures of habit/modern slaves/guaranteed to spend it all in one place

Unfortunately i couldn’t find that video but i found another from his album Colored Section titled ‘911’ this song speaks on the issues that affect our social world and how its a state of emergency and time for a change…..Hope u enjoy the video and be encourage to read more about Donnie…


~ by phliwithoutconsciousness on May 25, 2008.

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