Heavy Metal is Heavily Demonic

I am a very open-minded individual when it comes to various musical genres. For the record, my stance on a lot of things tends to be very liberal. However, one genre that definitely disturbs me is Heavy Metal. After viewing the documentary on Heavy Metal I am at a lost for words. Not only does the music disturb me, but the artists who make the music disturb me as well. Like anything, not all heavy metal music disturbs me and not all heavy metal artists disturb me; However, I would say approximately 80% of the music and the artists do. The sound of the music is heavily influenced by Satan! The artists dress and behave as if they worship the devil, and honestly that is not something that children, or anyone for that matter should look up to. I apologize if I offend anyone who is a fan of Heavy Metal, but it portrays all the wrong things. The artists that burned down the church solidified my disdain with the genre and the culture it embodies. I can’t sit and listen to music that is not melodious in any shape, form, or fashion. In my opinion, music that is not melodious, just is not music. I can’t decipher any of the lyrical content because the artists are screaming into the microphone and distorting the words. If something is barely audible how can I appreciate it? A genre that declares it is demonic and prides itself on that is a genre that I do not want any part in!



~ by dmclendon on May 27, 2008.

One Response to “Heavy Metal is Heavily Demonic”

  1. Oh poppy-cock!! these people know as much about satan and the devil as I am fluent in Swahili – LOL!!!! But seriously, all the satan/devil hype is just that – hype and for shock effect. it’s what sells and the stronger the shock value coupled with an antidisestablishmentarianistic punch, all the better. these type of things have to be taken with a grain of salt and viewed for what it is, jacked-up psycho pomp.

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