Bad Music: NKOTB


I am officially naming New Kids on the Block as my “bad music” choice. Wow, I remember the days as a grade schooler being adorned with Donnie and Joey buttons, Jordan and Danny dolls, and a Jonathon tee. Yikes. NKOTB came about in the late ’80s with such hits as “Hanging Tough,” “Step by Step,” and “Cover Girl.” Featured here is “Hanging Tough:”

Their music was purely for sales–it was all about the image: “cool” clothing and hairstyles, good-looking boys, music videos with screaming girls, and everything choreographed. The boys each had their own “reputation,” such as the shy one or the rebellious one. The songs were very catchy and poppy and were mainly about girls and heartbreak–typical of the pop genre. And now they’re going to do a reunion tour. Help us all………….



~ by rachellubanowski on May 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bad Music: NKOTB”

  1. Maybe it isn’t that it’s “bad” music. Maybe you’re just into a different genre of music. I don’t find that most people who are into rock or grunge music are also into pop. Besides, this reunion is being welcomed by thousands of old fans, new fans, curious skeptics, & neutral parties. There’s no need to rain on their parade, don’t ya think?

  2. I most definitely enjoy listening to rock and grunge. I am also very open to being introduced to and actually listen to all kinds of music: even pop music. I guess my problems with pop music are that:
    – success seems to be more about the “image” of the performer(s)
    – many “boy and girl bands” have been put together by music producers, auditions, or even through reality TV shows
    – it is a product (of sorts) — not art

    As I said, I used to like them. For a minute. Same with other boy bands. Blink-182 was my first concert. :oD Then I moved on. Like everyone does in the pop music biz. Keep moving on to the next best thing…..

  3. There is definitely some music and groups that should never be resurrected and this i believe is one example. There are other groups that survived the passing of time because they have been a strong influence on future generation of artists to come. NKOTB were huge success during the 80’s to early 90’s but I don’t think that they made enough impact during their time to actually make a successful come back. It seems more like a joke but I don’t doubt that there will be fans that would go to their concert to re-live some nostalgic memories of the past.

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