Geto Boys

This is one of my favorite songs. This song is sociatal issue it is about gang violence. The lyrics of this song talks about the proccess of the wake how it affects them the fact that their friend is gone, it seems as if he is having a conversation with their friend that passed away. He also is talking to his fans telling him the story and in the last scene is to try to convince his fans that the way to be something is through church not gangs. The artist puts this song in terms as if he has lived this experience . That the pressure of gang violence is gettin to him wondering when heis going to die  and doubting people around him having to watch every move he makes. Even though they are in a gang it is bound to happen because of retaliation. We all hope that one day gang violence will end. Those that are in a gang are close friends and family members. If you had a friend that passed way because of this reason you will understand how quick they go and very unexpected. This song hits to deep in to my home many of my friends died of gang violence. It is real hard to understand that they are gone but the one thing is that you will never forget them. This issue is massive in the chicago area especially between high school students. It has spread nation wide. 


~ by moca1 on June 3, 2008.

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