The Fray

The video posted below is “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.  This song became very popular very fast in and outside of the U.S.  Before even researching the song I figured it was about being unable to help a loved one and not knowing what they could to help or save them.  The song was actually inspired from a boy who went to camp for troubled teens, the lead singer was his mentor.  The song illustrates how many people were very committed to helping the boy, but they were unsuccessful.  Without evening knowing the backround, this song is very emotional and the video along with it is very emotional.  It features teens who seem depressed; they provide a lot of emotion in the video with either screaming or crying.  While watching this video, I was glued to it and I felt for these children.  It definately left an impact on me and left me very sad.

This was not the only video for the song; there were actually five other videos as well.  One video features the September 11 attacks, another Hurricane Katrina, scenes from Grey’s Anatomy, a car crash and the victims involved, and members of Bright Green House.



~ by kranz86 on June 3, 2008.

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