Korean Big Bang!

Growing up I never really listened to Korean music.  I remember my cousins from Korea would listen to artists such as H.O.T, Shinhwa, DJ Doc, etc and I thought all of it was garbage.  My cousins used to call me “white washed” but I didn’t listen to their Korean music because at that young age I believe that the caliber of Korean music artists could not even be compared in the same category as my american music.  While they listened to their Korean music, I listened to my Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, and so on. I recently started listening to Korean music this past year. After watching a Korean drama that my friend so adamantly convinced me to watch, there then I fell head over heels for TOP aka as Tempo who played a minor role in the Korean drama “I am Sam”. In the drama, TOP freestyles a rap that he wrote about who he is. I later found out that he was in a boy group called Big Bang, also who are part of the JYP family.  I listened to their songs from their first few mini-albums and I was hooked.  This group changed my perspective in non-talentless asian music groups.  Big Bang has a lot of talent and potential and I believe they will go far. They are a young group, in age and in the music industry but I believe that they have the talent and a image that matches their idea as a pop group.  Here are some of my favorite music videos! Enjoy!!

Big Bang – Crazy Dog

Big Bag – Goodbye Baby

Big Bang – Lies

Big Bang – Last Farewell 

Big Bang – Forever with you

Big Bang

big bang




~ by harakim on June 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Korean Big Bang!”

  1. big bang is not under jyp..they are from YG

  2. there not from JYP their from YG!

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