Usher – You don’t have to call

We discussed in class how some music videos elevate the quality of the song. I think this is one of the music videos that compliments the song and lyrics.  Another song by Usher – You remind me of a girl, I believe was a very successful portrayal of the song but I couldn’t find the original version of the music video on youtube.  I remember when both of these songs released I was so impressed by the choreography in the music video that it made me love the song even more.  I related the song with the video. I’m writing about Usher because after recently viewing some recent music videos from his new album, I was unimpressed. The songs and music videos were not even comparable to his earlier works.  I was really disappointed and I guess I was expected a lot more from him as a artist and the creative or lack of creative direction he took creating his songs and videos. I don’t know how much part he took in the song writing process and directing but I think he could have definitely gone a different direction especially when he has been away from the music industry for some time.  He should resort back to the basics similar to his early works instead of jumping on the band wagon of the recently mind numbing meaningless club music.



~ by harakim on June 5, 2008.

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