When it comes to bad music there’s a plethora to choose from. It’s really easy to say what bad music consist of but what does it really mean when we say “bad”. To me bad music is one that doesn’t have any lyrical content worth listening to, one that doesn’t give the listener that which he or she is looking for in a song. Does the artist think he or she is responsible for this “bad music”? Some would beg to differ saying “I’m just keeping it real” or “This is what’s hot”. Many artist, I believe, don’t feel their music is bad, offensive, or destructive and non artistic, they feel they are giving you music “you can feel”, “real life s@#!!”. Nothing could be further from the truth! When music fails to give the listener a sense of hope, comfort, relaxation,direction and whatever the listener uses this outlet for then it serves no purpose in the music industry. When it begins to degrade, dumb down, no longer educate, soothe, and uplift positivity it becomes no more that created noise confusion. Here’s the kicker…bad music only exist due to a demand. The generations of today don’t expect much from the artist in terms of substance and creativity, hip hop no longer includes b-boys,scratching, shots of graffiti, MCees and DJays. The acceptability of R&B(Rap and Bulls**!),singers rapping and rappers singing, continues to push sales through the roof for BAD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


~ by truthwyze360 on June 9, 2008.

One Response to “BAD MUSIC”

  1. Tyrone, do you have any examples of particularly bad music?

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