Bad Music

Bad music to me is music that is supposed to support one sex or gender and degrade another. This is most common in rap songs whereas men rappers talk about women in a bad way. Their lyrics usually are explicit and contain sexual content. These are the rappers that usually use such words like h**, or b***h offten in their songs.  For Rap to be such a mainstream, it should want to attract attention and support from all angles, but with what some of the rap artist are stating in their songs, the only kind of women they are receiving as supporters are those who do not have respect for themselves.

Bad music is also music that has no real message behide it within it’s lyrical content. I consider this type of music to be a fad, because it seems like when musicians make songs that are not really talking about anything important, such as popping and snapping your fingers, hips, necks or whatever, they ok to little to for a little while til they’re played out on the radio. Then hear comes someone else making a song about how they spend their time unproductively.


~ by theresataylor on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “Bad Music”

  1. I agree, I consider music bad when the song degrades certain people, most commonly women. I refuse to listen to any song that is degrading toward women. So many people seem to not even care about the lyrics, I will here girls at the school or even little kids on the train singing explicit lyrics. I don’t think they understand or even realize that when they sing sexually explict and degrading lyrics it a direct reflection of themselves.

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