In all my years of listening to and appreciating music, I never really looked at the intricacies that go into music,where it originates from, it’s influences and so forth, I would just put a record on, or in this day and age just push play and enjoy. The music I grew up listening to, and what is now being produced and classified as music differs greatly. When Tin Pan Alley started out and progressed it transformed music into a collective collaboration that would bring people of different and alike backgrounds together to to enjoy in a commonality, music. One of the most important aspects of this class  was how music was charted and classified. I found this information very helpful and at the same time very interesting because I never thought about how music was catagorized. I found it to be very interesting to learn the difference between R&B and Soul, when before there seemed to be no difference. The difference between Big Band Jazz and Swing, Country and Honky Tonk. Another important aspect was how music progressed from era to era. The influences that African Americans had on music was paramount to it’s advancement and it was hard to believe that people of color were not always given the same opprotunities and airplay as others. This class was very informative and well presented and gave me insight into musical realms I never knew existed, such as certain types of Metal and Rock groups and the large followings they have, which made it hard for me to classify “Bad Music”, as it may appeal to a larger following meaning that just because I classify it as bad, many may enjoy it. Music is art and should be left up to the listener to determine its worth, but with classes like Music Appreciation, and teachers like Gavin who have a love for the art, many will have a greater respect for and possibly learn more concerning music and it’s origins and realize the many benefits that music allows us.  


~ by truthwyze360 on June 12, 2008.

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