Brittney Spears Vs. Paris Hilton

paris hiltonBritney Spears












This video almost had me into tears, I was laugh so much!  This clip compares Britney Spears Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know and Paris Hiltons Stars are Blind.  Both artists are singing about love with more of an emphasis on themselves, while having having a pretty nice prop to work with.  I would say that both of their audiences are mostly women and young girls so to reach out to the men they create overly sexual videos and photo shoots.  Usually the larger the picture the smaller the wardrobe.  If it wasn’t the same director working with both women, then i would say Paris Hilton took step-by-step notes while watching Britneys video.  Again both of their audiences are women and mostly young girls, so for a young girls role model, rubbing against a guy with sand in your face would recieve the best respose among parents.  The videos I would say are mediocre, I think they know the market they are trying to reach and they probably recieved a pretty good response from that market.


~ by chrissymasse on June 14, 2008.

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