Music Video

The music video I choose is Sean Lennon’s Dead Meat. It starts of with him trying to write a song but gets distracted by a movie on T.V. Sean imagines himself as the main character of the movie that takes place in early 19th century. He is riding his horse down a hill and crosses path with an ex girlfriend and another guy and follows them into a out gathering. Sean sees his ex and “new guy seated at a table where there is a poker game going on. He walks to ward the table and his ex notices him so he decides to joins in the game of poker. During the game another guy, who is a part of the opposite team comes out of nowhere and attacks Sean. A sword fight breaks out between “new guy” Sean. They start fight though out the salon and eventually head up to a large area where a crowd gathers alone with the ex girlfriend. The fight comes to climax and Sean wears down, the man stabs him in the chest then he falls to the floor. Another girl runs up to Sean him as he drops to the floor injured. The girlfriend comforts him and holds him as he nods of into death.

The important of the video deals with the tragedy that comes along with love. Some people are willing to go as far as fight for their love. In the passion of it all, they become irrational and do what it takes to win their love back. In this video, the outcome is not a good one, and the character winds up losing both the one he loves and his life. This video does a good job with turning this situation than many can relate to, and turn it into a visual story of tragedy.


~ by christypr on June 15, 2008.

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