Eddie Johns – “More Spell On You”

Daft Punk- “One More Time”

How it was done!:

Certain clips from Eddie Johns’, “More Spell On You” were cut out and reconstructed to make whole new clips for Daft Punk’s, “One More Time”. Certain beats are repeated over and over again to stretch out the length of a clip. Other beats overlap each other while other portions of the song are put in between loops, to create breaks for the smaller clips. In sections of the song, small clips are inserted into the breaks and repeated several times. It is just the matter of cutting up portions on the song, reconstructing them to create a new song.

I do not know why Daft Punk sampled “More Spell On You”, according to the Brian Sredd’s video, they denied ever sampling this song, probably for various reasons. If this is true, Daft Punk could have sampled this song because it has excellent disco-esque dance beats and instrumentations. I tend to hear a lot of funk and disco beats in many of their songs and this adds to the “sound” they are known for.


~ by christypr on June 15, 2008.

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