Music Video

This is a video of No Doubt the  song named Ex-  Girlfriend is obviously that she is talking about a relationship that has ended.  since in the beginning she new the situation of the relationship and the point of the video in my opinion is getting revenge. not accepting been another girl in the list therefore she has to get her way. The Video doesn’t look like a big budget video they have kept it simple but at the same time the lyric help allot on getting the point across. The important thing of the video is getting revenge tracking the person who she feel has betrayed her. Well the reason that i like this video is that is simple its different tours other video were they are talking about a relationship gone bad. Yet in those videos they show them self to blame or a person who is suffering a lot but, in this video she wants to get revenge and have no mercy on the person who has betray her.


~ by cyndysalgado on June 16, 2008.

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