End of Quarter

I find it interesting how much change has come of songs and lyrics and what society judges as lyrically acceptable, controversial or sexually too explicit.  How music has evolved over the decades leaves me curious to what future generations will be listening too.  Music appreciation class really helped to open my horizon on the other genres outside my comfort zone.  Many times while jotting down notes, I have noted specific artists and singers introduced by Gavin or other students in class that spark intrigue, keeping a mental note to check out there music or other albums that they may have produced.  This class introduced us to many different genres that we might listen to but never thought to explore a little deeper, such as history or historical music icons that may have helped to offset many generations of popular music and some of the greatest musicians.  I really enjoyed this class because it really helped me to analyze and look a little deeper into the music I enjoy daily. I know I will continue to enjoy music and also listen to other genres with an open mind.  


Here’s some new music my friend introduced me to…



~ by harakim on June 18, 2008.

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